My Photography Journey


I thought I would write a bit about how I got into photography for anyone who might be curious to learn a bit more about me. I have jumped around between many different projects and types of photography in the past few years, but I’m finally starting to feel I have some concrete skills, experience and a creative focus.

I saved up for my Canon for years before buying it during my sophomore year in high school. Once I purchased my own DSLR, I was thrilled and took photos everywhere and of everything. I mostly did personal projects and shot a lot of my family and my hometown of Boxborough, MA. I’m still using my first camera and won’t ever be able to let go of it. I started my photography blog in May 2014 and worked on it constantly. For a while I was really just playing around and teaching myself about my camera.

My grandmother was an artist and art teacher, and my mom is an artist as well. They both paint and draw, and although I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to do either of those things. When I got my camera, I was glad to have found an art medium I really loved and felt I could grow into. Most of the projects I have done in high school and college have been personal, whether it’s been a portrait series of my mother or photos from trips I’ve taken.

I currently attend Trinity College, and I recently had the privilege of taking a documentary photography course taught by photographer Pablo Delano. In this class I began working on my project Silent Hartford which highlights the more subtle or overlooked buildings and spaces I discover in Hartford. I especially loved going out and shooting early in the morning to capture photos. There is this warm light you can experience in the morning as the sun rises that creates all sorts of interesting shadows and moods.

Taking this class really let me know that if I wanted to get serious about my photography, I would have to start taking a lot more photos and committing more time to my work. Now, I schedule shooting and editing time into my week. I have an ever-growing passion for documentary photography, and this project has taught me a lot about how to organize and commit to a project. I’m looking forward to working on this throughout the rest of my time in Hartford and hopefully developing it into a full and interesting series.

In past year, I’ve started shooting for outside projects in addition to continuing my personal work. I’m making the effort to do more portrait photography and grow that part of my portfolio. Aside from constantly shooting portraits of family and friends, I have expanded into prom, graduation and other event photography in both Hartford and Boxborough.

Each new project I work on and experience I have helps build my confidence and skill as a creative. I know I have a lot of growing left to do, but I’m encouraged and excited to continue my photography. I’m really just starting to think about where I want to take my photography. I currently study Human Rights at Trinity College, and I’m curious to see if there will be a way to fit my passion for social justice and my passion for photography together.

Thank you all for following my site and being so engaged with the series I have posted over the years, and although this site has been a little too quiet for a little too long, look out for new posts coming soon!

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